Boardroom Set Up And Requirements


You have a great team, the perfect venue, and ideas that are not only perfect for discussion but awaits fertile minds to get embedded into. How do you cater to this much potential considering the boardroom you are about to utilize? Nowadays, boardroom calls for more dynamic engagement and interaction. While there are the traditional styles on how a boardroom is set up, technology had made its way into further enhancing any presentation making the dissemination of information more proactive and effective.

Let’s look at the requirements of the typical boardroom combined with those that are facilitating empowerment, innovation, and functionality altogether:

1.The style

Any meeting room is also called a conference hall, conference, or meeting room in which several people to attend the meeting vary. The most important is how a presenter, a presentation, and an audience get to engage with one another. For example, you cannot put a keynote speaker opposite the direction an audience is facing onto. It’s just not right. So whether what you have is the typical boardroom, or a U-shaped, the one with just a long table or a simple classroom type, make sure the key players get to do what they have to do. The meeting room should have comfortable and adjustable boardroom chairs

  1. SMART Board

Making sure that the key players have what they need includes a SMARTboard. This is an interactive surface that serves as a whiteboard, designed by SMART Technologies, that has an all-in-one capacity for presenting as it includes a screen projector, and a computer to digitally enable a presenter to give way for an idea most conveniently and economically using only their fingers. This Canadian-based company created something that can be connected to the internet and a printer, in which every participant of the meeting would be given visual copies as the presenter keeps them on track with a laser pointer. It may also be linked to save and record the minutes of the meeting and other important data.

  1. Video Conferencing System

 Who would have thought that the world will have to do everything from home including a conference? At this time of social isolation, travel bans, and work-from-home setup, a video conferencing system plus a stable internet connection is essential. Complement it with a charging station by a corner where you can easily plug your gadgets or perhaps provide wireless chargers by the table.

requirements in a boardroom

  1. The ambiance

Believe it or not, the room color for the conference room plays a role in its members’ productivity and participation. Blue hued walls are considered good for a workplace to adapt as it enhances brainstorming, according to a study by UBC. While yellow is a color of optimism, there is a tendency for heated arguments to erupt while in a conference room as it tends to be stimulating.

  1. Facilities and privileges

The chairs in the boardroom should be lumbar support chairs since meetings and conferences can go on for an hour, a good posture is needed to make the experience a good one. It is a thousand times advisable to have a conference room by a lieu or a toilet room. Conferences and meetings are a big deal. Even if you are a big shot CEO, it’s more impolite to be excused outside the allotted schedule for bladder break over bringing coffee to the boardroom. Yes, it’s not at all rude to bring coffee. But why not just provide the meeting with some refreshments like juice, coffee, tea, and water. It’s natural to get overwhelmed with the topic and issues to be addressed so, it’s a good idea to set up your boardroom with a few coffeemakers or pitchers of water. Also, you’ll be encouraging the board members and conference attendees to jot down notes and learn from whatever is going to be talked about if you provide them with a pencil and paper. So, if you can, have that ready too.