cafe interior design

Design tips for your new café


Challenges due to COVID-19 becoming rampant and more complicated each day send numerous businesses into tweaking their business models. What seems to be thriving is the most essential to a community to surpass this pandemic. For Australia, cafés need to remain present for it had been part of its people’s lifestyle.

No matter how big an Aussie’s paycheck can go, their morning routine involves coffee from their local café. They are willing to walk a bit farther and pay a little bit more to have a finely brewed cup of Joe. It’s the culture in itself as it is a conversation starter amongst friends, casual acquaintances, or colleagues. Socially, it is their way of life. But as changes impact this long-standing custom, here are some tips on how to keep it safe for the people coming in, while getting the same satisfaction of a great coffee and a great company. There are commercial interior design companies that specialize in café settings and layout.

  1. Acrylic partitions

See-through ones seem to be the most feasible way to reduce transmission via water droplets from an infected person through the air. Any solid partition, to be exact, helps. But to get the sense of being limited perimeter wise, seeing who’s on the other side of the table gives you an illusion of how it used to be. Somehow, in a café, seeing other people go for their usual bend is the norm. As the government imposes social distancing, it induces stress due to separation anxiety or isolation extensively. While there are some opting for cardboard-looking partitions, the see-through acrylic ones give your café a reputation of giving importance to one’s existence.

  1. Automated facilities

Automatic doors, online payment kiosks, automatic temperature checkers, and automatic faucets could be some of the facilities that give importance to safety against the transmission of harmful germs. Also, there are smart technologies for rubbish picking within facilities, and adding one in a café may be beneficial in some ways. It will also encourage people to be vigilant in taking part as one of the most important vehicles of such transmission. In this regard, they feel involved, and they would act responsibly for these are simple, yet adaptable measures. Lockdowns, on the other hand, are extremely threatening considering businesses, being with family, and plainly for self-wellness. Being limited can be stressful so, assistive facilities like this can be liberating.

  1. Spacious interior

If you have opportunities to provide more space for better ventilation, it is highly advisable to have it. Open up the ceiling, pave a portion of the garden outside, or put up ceiling fans instead of standing ones. This way, there’s a constant flow of air within the café, keeping it from being stagnant. The reception fitouts needs to be spacious for people working behind the counter. Laws, regarding social distancing, may be imposed just anytime. So, it’s better to invest in foldable chairs and tables to keep them out of sight. Say, a law that allows restaurants and cafes to only open up to half of its capacity, at least you’re ready to conform while preserving your cafe’s aesthetics and keeping your customers comfortable as possible.

  1. Green effect

There’s nothing more sustainable and refreshing than decorating with plants. Plants’ main element is carbon dioxide, with sunlight and water. They need this to live, while we need oxygen ourselves. So, it’s a great exchange, and it’s a natural air purifier. Just place it somewhere it can be exposed to the sun, probably near a window or by the entrance to the café to give it enough sunlight. There’s also the refreshing effect complementing your cafes’ cozy feel which subliminally encourages your customers to stay in because they would feel that they are not missing out by doing so. They have a dose of exposure to nature with your plants so that could only mean one thing. More sales, therefore, more profit. Despite many unavoidable adjustments, cafés will always remain essential in every Aussie’s life. Aim for a familiar setting but suffice it with ways on how they would feel safe to enjoy their time while being there. Once this set gets done, you can never go wrong.