How to make your hotel luxurious


Who does not want to enjoy luxury? This is the reason that luxurious hotels and venues receive maximum attention from people. Everybody wants to spend quality time in a luxurious hotel where they can relax and enjoy their experience. However, when we think about luxury hotel interior design, the first thing that comes to mind is the expense that comes with staying in such a magnificent place. If you are a hotel owner, then having a luxurious hotel must be your biggest goal and desire. If you do not know how to make your hotel look luxurious, this article will help you understand how your interior design choices can create a sense of opulence. 


Use neutral paints 

The interior decor and design play an important role in giving the space a specific look and feel. Similarly, to give your hotel a luxurious look, use neutral tones of paint like subtle brown, deep creams and stark white to cover the interior of your hotel. These colours give a sophisticated, calm, and comfortable feel and make a space look larger, which highlights a sense of grandness. A neutral wall colour is suitable to combine with any colour when it comes to furnishings and it gives you vast decorative options. To liven up the space of your hotel, you can use a cream colour for the walls with some greenery and green velvet furnishings because both colours compliment each other very well.

Add greenery

Live plants and greenery enhance the fluidity of a space and give it a calm, relaxing, and welcoming feel. Natural elements like flowers and indoor plants increase the charm of a space without the support of furniture. You can use flower vases, acorns, and mini plants to add some trendy features. Live plants and flowers give a natural freshness and create substantial elegance.


Invest in good lighting 

Have you ever noticed how lighting changes the mood and feel of your environment? Investing in quality and appropriate lighting is an important step in creating a luxurious hotel. Classic and ingenious lighting can enhance the appearance of your interior design, and lighting can make a space appear larger. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of lighting in your hotel to give it a warm and relaxing feel. You can also invest in transparent window panes to let natural light enter your hotel and make it more luxurious. Add large mirrors in your hotel, which will reflect the light to make the room look bigger and make your space more glamorous.

Add rugs and carpet

Adding rugs and carpets in your hotel entrance, dining, sitting area, and rooms are a great way to make your hotel look more luxurious. Rugs and fine carpet are a sign of luxury and comfort, which will automatically make your hotel appealing to visitors.

Avoid clutter 

A key element in creating a luxury space is focusing on cleanliness and tidiness. Try to keep your interior design simple and organised with no clutter. Scruffiness makes everyone irritated and uncomfortable and will make your guests unhappy. Therefore, make sure to use minimal furniture which is organised properly to make the interior of your hotel comfortable and luxurious. Make enough space for everything and do not make the space overwhelming.

Use candles

Pleasant smelling scented candles can attract people from far away. Scented candles can be a little expensive, but they will last longer and burn slower if you buy high quality scented candles. Using these candles in the entrance of your hotel will give people a refreshing, soothing, and luxurious vibe.

You can give your hotel a luxurious look by using the above-mentioned tips. However, if you want to obtain a highly luxurious look for your hotel, then you should hire an interior designer who is an expert in creating the look of luxury.