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Am I Too Old for An Internship?


Is the recruitment age threshold set under 35 years old, illegal? In recruitment, the age limit cannot be simply said whether it is illegal or not, because there are no such requirements for it. Sometimes people limit their potential and think that they are too old to start something new, well it’s never a too late start, the only thing you need is your passion towards your work.

Like, “The doctor does not care how old you are, only cares about your efficiency” in the same way, the business doesn’t care about your age, but your skills and capabilities. If the company can accept you, it means you don’t have to care about your age. What you need to show is not to lose the vitality and learning ability of the freshman, and at the same time mature and sophisticated than the freshman. A mature man has the experience of the world as compared to that of a freshman. There are a lot of start-ups looking for interns willing to learn whether they are mature or freshman.

This is just like a social convention, although some people have questioned these recruitment conditions over the years. From the perspective of job hunting, after all, job seekers are the service offering group. Job givers are in need of their services; it is the recruiter who decides whether to enter the job contract or not, so you have to prove your capabilities to that recruiter and make him/her realize that your age has only added more to your skills. However, after a job fair, “workplace discrimination” once again entered people’s field of vision. Everyone is familiar with the entry clause of “restriction on recruitment age under 35”. Similarly, there are not only restrictions on recruitment age but also gender restrictions.

A Few Misconceptions

The Older the Age, The Shorter The Contribution to The Company

If a 20-year-old employee joins the company, if he retires without considering factors such as resignation, his contribution period is more than 40 years. Still, if for example, a 40-year-old employee joins, then his contribution to the company will only for two more decades as the attainment of retirement age is 60, this has been common on a company. You must always remember, no-one is ever too old to add new skills to their portfolio. Everything that you learn helps you in some way or the other.

Young Employees Will Bring New Ideas and Vitality to The Company

When a company is all elderly employees, we might say that the company is sophisticated and experienced in project handling, but we never say that they are very dynamic and innovative. This is why many companies like to recruit young people who just graduated. But actually, all employees being young can harm the discipline and seriousness of a company. A sense of balance between the two is a must. You are never too old to learn or too qualified to learn some more. To broaden your horizon there are a lot of international internship opportunities that can widen your network


From the perspective of job seekers, this threshold is unfair to limit yourself because of your age. It is also illegal for businesses to set the recruitment threshold below 35 years old or more such requirements or biasedness.

Many positions require a certain age, skills, and special experience to be competent. If the company explains from this point, it makes sense. Therefore, according to the provisions of the Labor Law, it is not clearly stated that the 35-year-old recruitment threshold is illegal. Different positions require people of different ages to constitute a reasonable explanation, so it is not considered illegal.