Chairs on wooden floor

Furniture oiling by yourself


Everyone’s house has furniture. People use furniture for many purposes. And they are also made with many materials like steel, wood, and plastic. Apart from the materials mentioned there are other materials that are also used to make furniture. Sometimes furniture gets damaged. There can be a lot of reasons for the damage to furniture. One of the main reasons furniture gets damaged is the climate. Sometimes due to the climate, the furniture can end up drying and cracking. Sometimes due to the humidity, the layers may come peeling off. To prevent this you can paint your furniture. But you can also oil and wax finish them to prevent them from cracking and they also provide the moisturizing treatment to the furniture. Longest lasting oiling or waxing is done to decking and wooden furniture.  So here are somethings that you can do to oil your furniture.

How many times do I change the oil?

Generally, the furniture that is finished using wax or oil is changed once or twice in a year or one can change the oil if the exterior furniture stain looks dry. Some of the furniture may have finished top and glass and things one them. These can not be oiled as the oil will not get into the wood. Hence one must inspect the type of furniture that he or she is having before starting to oil. And also if the wood looks dry and if there are any signs of a crack in it, then it is time to oil the furniture.


Does oiling make the look of the furniture different?

After oiling or if the wood is finished with wax the wood from the furniture may look a little bit glossy and it can also appear a little darker. If the oiled wood is very light like pine or beech it may get to a golden colour that is tinge but the colour fades away as the wood is starting to dry out again. If you want the colour of the wood to be dark or light throughout, maybe you must consider the staining if the wood before you start oiling it.

Oiling of wooden furniture

You can oil your furniture at home without the help of professionals and here are the steps that must follow for oiling your furniture. The things that will be needed are wood polish to polish the wood, a small and neat cotton cloth, a small cotton pad. To oil, the furniture takes a cloth pad and saturate it with the wood polish and rub it on the surface of the furniture and make sure that you cover all of the surfaces of the furniture. Also, make sure that you cover the areas where it is dry. Leave the polish there for almost twenty minutes to make sure that the polish gets in the wood before you wipe off the excess of the wood polish. After wiping it, using a soft and clean cloth buff the surface of the wood.

Here are some of the steps that you can do to protect the surfaces of wood. Do not make the liquids sit on the surface of the wooden table. Make sure that you do not use cleaners that are harsh. Also, make sure you clean your furniture regularly. And polish and wax them too.

These are some of the easiest ways where you can oil your furniture at your house without having to hire a professional to do simple work. But also keep in that this has to be done once or twice a year.