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16 Year Old Aussie Millionaire Shares His E-Commerce Secrets

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An Australian entrepreneur who has created three of his own companies and earned more than $1 million has stated establishing a partnership in high school is the “best choice educationally”.

Jack Bloomfield made his first company when he was only 12 years old and has since become an e-commerce mentor and spokesperson.

The 16-year-old believes Australia’s current education system is failing young people, who need to have the ability to become entrepreneurs.

For Jack, he says he is very fortunate to have the ability to attend school since he knows many children who do not have that privilege and opportunity.

He feels that for children under the age of 18, they need to get involved and start something online.

Jack first started to explore the industry when he was in Year 7 and attributed his success to his hunger — believing that no one talks about starting a company, especially schools and teachers around the nation.

Instead of playing Minecraft or anything kids his age do, Jack looked up how to start his own online business on YouTube. He spent hours and hours teaching himself how to start a business.

His three companies now see him to mentor, train and encourage people seeking to make their own business or venture in the e-commerce market.

His first business was a firm known as ‘Next Presents’, where he offered custom greeting cards using a one-day turnaround.

His devotion to the idea has also seen him meet folks like former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and Australian entrepreneur Mark Bouris.

Bloomfield’s has also taken to fame among budding entrepreneurs, who he has offered his mentorship to through online posts and social networking advice.

He believes the world wide web is for everyone. If you are selling a product online, it doesn’t matter how old you are; it does not matter what you look like; it does not matter what your background is.

If you can supply a terrific product for a great price, nobody cares who you are.