office space



Getting hold of the perfect office space could be a dream come true for office workers who spend most of their hours seated in front of their workstations. While we think it’s all about that little space, a perfect office space accounts for the entire environment. You may not know that the following factors add up for a person’s productivity in which an office space bases its perfection. Workplace design helps create an environment that is suitable for efficient working.


  1. Ergonomic Furniture

Investing in the right tools can further enhance what your in-house talents can do. And while you’re at it, choosing a sustainably designed one won’t hurt. As office buildings catch up on being earth-conscious in terms of carbon footprint, energy and water conservation, and waste management, why not with your office furniture? There had been several ergonomic chairs that are not only designed to provide comfort but also helps in reducing waste by being made out of recyclable materials. Desks made out of recycled materials add up to a unique rustic and modern style. Hitting two birds with one stone could amplify your workers’ inner drive because of the guilt-free comfort they feel each hour that they use their sustainable workstation. Logically, it’s a plus to labeling your office perfect not only by you but also, from your team’s point-of-view.

  1. Actual space

When we talk space, we mean space, where there’s room for you to lean back when you need a little break. Or for your elbow to have the leeway to edit that draft to avoid back strain. And how about an actual walking alley fit enough for two people to wave at each other when they pass by? Cramped space is just distracting as having clutter. Open up the ceiling high above for proper ventilation to happen. Have a common area where co-workers could casually exchange his and hellos. Being able to generate small talk with colleagues is an essential tool for acquiring social skills. And when it comes to business, making a client feel at ease to build rapport is the name of the game. Provide the right amount of space to the workers to facilitate dynamism. The reception fitout needs to be welcoming to the people.


  1. Lighting

The body’s circadian rhythm, also known as the sleep/wake cycle of the body, is responsible for keeping the body awake during the day. During the stone age, man hunted during the day and rested at night. Human species pattern their productivity up until today, the same way. So, a well-lit office fuels your workers’ capacity to the maximum. If you have small space, make sure that there’s no dull corner left so that it won’t get visually limited. Use natural light as much as possible for big-spaced rooms. And talking about nature, consider livening up space with a little corner for plants. They may serve as a refreshing décor for worked up minds.

  1. Temperature

 Many don’t understand the biological reactions of the human body towards temperature. Simply put, the body’s vital organs, like the brain and the heart, become prioritized over the distal parts of the body like the limbs and other sensory functions, when it gets exposed to cold temperature for a long time. On the other hand, the body gets exhausted easily, when exposed to high temperatures, and it gets dehydrated, leading to malfunctions of the brain, chemical imbalances within, and impaired sensory functions. From those viewpoints, prioritizing temperature is one of the key elements in making an office space perfect.

Overall, it’s the culture, safety, and mission of a business that sugar-coat everything that was mentioned above. Physical comfort can go a long way, but it’s its balance and co-existence with the psych that makes an office space, perfect.